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Howdy, folks! My name is Duane Cook. I am the guy in most of the photos with my yellow helmet, gloves, and eye protection. I wear those for two reasons. One is to embarrass my kids, and the other reason is that safety is extremely important to me.

I am a certified Collierville and Germantown arborist and I am one of the best. I specialize in pruning small to medium-sized trees, and I also remove trees as well. Some popular services that I offer include landscaping services such as weeding flower beds and mulching. I also have a background in irrigation and I love fixing existing systems that are damaged and in need of repair.

Germantown Arborist
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My Gardening Services Background

I spent 4 years in Los Angeles working in the irrigation industry. I was in charge of all of the irrigation on 3 massive military bases. I learned from the best and eventually became the guy everyone turned to for irrigation help.

I then moved to Washington state for 3 years. There I learned everything there is to know about the tree industry. I became a certified arborist and learned how to promote the growth of a tree and more importantly I learned what not to do. Unfortunately, everywhere I go I end up trying to salvage a tree that was not treated properly before me. I figure that either everyone else has no idea what they’re doing, or they simply don’t care…or both. I care, and I am here to help in any way that I can!

Help Us To Help Others

Veteran Landscape and Tree Service is a donor of the charitable organization Aid 4 Africa. Aid 4 Africa is an official 503(c) non-profit that works with other non-profit organizations throughout Africa to provide help to individuals in need. They have provided food, school supplies, microloans, and even homes to people in need. This is a photo of a water well that they funded to help a remote village that was 10 miles away from their nearest water source. Children in that village can now go to school instead of walking 20 miles (round trip) each day to gather water for their families. Click Here to learn more about Aid 4 Africa.

Soundproofing a Room

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